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QHHT - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy:

Apr. 24 Event - Join me for a FREE lecture on QHHT, more info here  

Apr. 27 Event - Lecture on Past life Healing and Beyond, 


Please enjoy my TV show and the meditation inside:


If you want to achieve your goals and make amazing changes so that you can enjoy the life you truly deserve, then my integral techniques could be the fastest and easiest way to get there. It’s not a magic wand and it isn’t a way to ‘make’ you do things, but it is powerful and effective tools that I tailor for YOUR NEEDS, so you could have a successful journey to success,health &happiness.


 Goal Oriented Personal Change That You Can Reach To:

  • Overcome problems which are holding you back. For example, weight management and developing a healthier lifestyle.
  • Set and achieve personal goals for success, for example,increased motivation or self-seteem.
  • Remove fears and phobias
  • Break unwanted habits. For example, stopping smoking
  • Breakthrough long persisting difficulties that over shadow your ability to reach and achieve the life you know you deserve.

For information on some of the issues I can help with, see the list on the left of this page.

I am focused on working with clients to achieve positive goals and outcomes. Life Achieved

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